La Vie Est Belle | Lanc么me Perfume Set


In the beginning of December I received a sample of the perfume La Vie Est Belle from Lanc么me and I knew I needed it in my life as soon as I smelled it. When I went to the mall to buy this perfume I was told it also came with a gift set! The small size was the one which was included in the gift box. It was the same size which I wanted to buy and it was a similar price as the gift box so I decided to go with the gift set. The packaging is a super cute little pink box with a pretty design on it. It also has a little bow which makes it a perfect gift.聽 Inside you get a beautiful perfume bottle, the shower gel, and the body lotion! I think the perfume bottle is so pretty and chic. It has a lovely feminine floral scent. The scent is strong but not too strong . It is just such a beautiful scent to wear. I especially love it for this time of the year. So happy I purchased the gift set because I love how it all comes together in a perfect little set. I think it is worth getting a sample and trying it out if your looking to buy a new perfume. Sooo lovely!聽

Merry Christmas everyone! 馃檪 Thank you so much for reading! -xoxo Baharthumbnail_234B4267-8F23-441F-94EF-229162C5277D




Mascaras You Must Try!


Hey everyone! I am so happy I’m finally done with my finals because that means I have time to post more… excited! For this post I am going to review two different mascaras that I have been really loving and using all the time! Before I get into reviewing the mascaras I just wanted to point out the makeup bag from Lanc么me! It says Lash out Loud on it and the inside is hot pink! I just think it’s sooo cute 馃檪


The first mascara I’m gonna review is the Monsieur Big from Lanc么me. I’m going to start off by saying that this isn’t the best picture of this mascara. I have been using this mascara everyday since summer and it is dried up now so I couldn’t take a nice picture of the brush. I love how big the brush is and that it gives sooo much volume and length to my lashes without using many coats! I liked to use this everyday because it quickly coated my lashes and did not clump easily. One thing which I also really loved was how easily I was able to remove it. I was easily able remove this mascara with just baby shampoo. I used this mascara every single day since I loved it so much! I think I have to repurchase it soon haha


The next mascara is the Too Faced better than sex mascara. I actually decided to try this one out after my Lanc么me Monsieur Big dried out. I also started to really loved this mascara ever since I started using it. Like the other one I also love the brush on this. I really like mascaras which have big brushes. I feel like they work the best for me and do a good job at quickly coating my lashes. This mascara really gives volume to my lashes as well as giving length them. Love how my lashes seem a lot fuller with this mascara! I usually like to removed my mascara with baby shampoo but with mascara I noticed it was a bit harder to do that. So for this I use makeup remover and then I wash my eyes with the baby shampoo. I do love it and happy I decided to try it out!

I think they are both really nice mascaras that give lots of volume and length! They are both in the $20 price range but the Lanc么me one did cost a little more. Definitely聽 try these mascaras out if you are looking for a new mascara! Absolutely love both!聽Thank you so much for reading!

-xoxo Bahar



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Lanc么me Blush Palette


A couple weeks ago I was going through my makeup with my friend. I pulled out a makeup bag from my drawer and saw that there was a lot of different palettes inside. I came across this beautiful Lanc么me Blush Palette. As soon as I opened it I looked at my friend and said why have I not been using this blush!? It is so pretty it makes me sad that I have not been using it! Lanc么me is one of my favorite makeup brands ever. They have beautiful blush colors and they look very lovely on too. This shade is called 126 Nectar Lace. I love how there is a contour, blush, and highlighter all in one. This way you have everything in one place without it taking up space. It is great for travel! It also has a very nice mirror inside which makes this palette even more perfect! The blush is a subtle rose shade that gives a beautiful natural rosy color to your cheeks. It gives a really pretty glow to your cheeks! I really like this color because it isn’t a bright pink. The color does have a lot pigment yet it is still subtle and pretty. I thought the bronzer shade is really nice too. The color was perfect for my skin tone.聽 The highlight is very subtle and natural. It is great for those days when I want to keep my highlight more natural. I really love how all the shades go very nicely together. I just love everything about this blush palette. So happy that I found it because I have been using it everyday! 馃檪

Thank you so much for reading!

-xoxo Bahar

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Lanc么me Hypnose Drama Mascara

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Ever since I聽started using聽Lanc么me’s mascaras I have been聽obsessed with them! I have already reviewed the Hypnose聽Doll Lashes聽(Click the link here for the post on Hypnose Doll Lashes)聽 mascara from Lanc么me and it is one of my favorites. I decided to try their聽Hypnose Drama Mascara because I wanted a mascara that would give my lashes聽more volume. When I tried this mascara I noticed that聽not only does it have a big brush but that it also has a slight curve to it. The curve really helps聽to curl my lashes and the big brush helps to give my lashes the volume I was looking for! Just like the Doll lashes Lanc么me mascara this one also lasts the entire day and you can easily remove it. I like to remove my mascara聽with baby shampoo.聽I do like this mascara more than the聽Doll lashes one but if you like a natural聽look then the Doll lashes would be a better option.聽I聽am obsessed with聽the Hypnose drama Mascara at the moment though. I had to buy another one since I loved it so much!

flower 2

I will be reviewing the new Lanc么me mascara called ‘Monsieur聽Big’聽soon. I have been trying聽a sample one聽and have been loving it!聽(I think I might even be liking it more than the Hypnose drama!)聽I recently purchased the full size so the post will be up very soon on my blog! Thank you so much for reading! If you like you can follow my Blog or Instagram 馃檪

-Xoxo Bahar

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Lanc么me Face Cleanser


I usually don’t use a face wash but this time聽I decided to try one after my mom recently bought one for herself from Lanc么me. I love Lanc么me’s makeup聽and this face wash looked like it would be a good one so I had to try it out! Every night before I sleep I normally聽just wash my face with a simple Dove bar soap and clean my eye makeup with baby shampoo. That night though聽I borrowed the cleanser from my mom and included it in my night routine. After聽I cleaned my聽makeup with聽baby shampoo and washed my face with聽my Dove bar soap I went ahead and put a tiny amount of the聽cleanser聽all over my face. It is a creamy texture and does slightly foam when you rub it all over your face so you don’t need a lot of product! A little goes a long way with this cleanser! After I just took a wash cloth and gently exfoliated my face and washed it all off. After using this cleanser I instantly felt like my face was very clean. My face looked and felt cleaner than the days when I didn’t use this cleanser. Not only that but my face felt really soft after! The cleanser has a really subtle kind of rose/flower smell so it is real comforting which I like especially for night time. The one I have is for dry skin. My skin type is normal but it does get dry during the winter. This聽product doesn’t make my face oily at all and doesn’t make it too dry.聽I do need to moisturize my face afterwards though! Overall I think this cleanser聽is amazing and never gave it back to my mom since I love it so much (she can borrow it though haha)! I actually get excited to use it every night before bed! Which cleanser do you like to use (if you do)?聽Thank you so much for reading!

-xoxo Bahar


Lanc么me Gift Set Unboxing


Lanc么me is one of my favorite brands to buy my makeup from. As I was looking through their makeup the other day I聽found a box full of聽things I loved! It was just $40 for all of those products (four of them full size)! I had purchased the lip crayon for $23 in the same shade about a day ago so I thought buying this gift set would be a much better deal聽instead of just buying one lip crayon!

I was super excited to buy this! Before even unboxing it I instantly fell in love with all of the colors! I already loved the lip crayon from before聽so I am sure I will love everything else once I use them… can’t wait!


I loved the bag before I even opened the box! When I opened it and聽pulled out the bag I fell in love with it even more!

close bag.jpg

The top of the bag is a really pretty soft dirty pink color… which I love so much! All over the pink part (not sure if you can see) is full of the tiniest dots which make the bag sparkle and glow! It kind of makes聽the top metallic looking but not a harsh metallic look.聽If you look closely at the picture above you may able to tell how it has a glow to it. The material for the pink part is a soft suede fabric which makes this makeup bag ten times better. The rest of the bag and the inside is like a normal makeup bag material (don’t really know how to explain it). On the front there is also a drawstring looking design for extra cuteness! I am obsessed with this makeup bag!

Here is what the bag looks like opened. It also has a zipper of course but it’s a little hard to tell in this picture.



Here are all of the products! There is a blush palette, brush, two eyeshadows, a lip crayon, and a mascara. The only product that isn’t full sized is the mascara.


The first product in the makeup bag is the lip crayon and it is my favorite! I love the nude color! It is like a very light tan color which I think goes really well with my skin tone. It is a full size聽in the shade ‘200 Nothing to Wear’. It looks like I have nothing on when I wear this color but it does make my lips look very nice! I like to wear a lip balm (not too much)聽before I wear this because it is matte and a nude matte can make your lips look very dry. I also love how it is a lip crayon rather than just like a normal lipstick. I am definitely going to be wearing this all the time… obsessed!

(I have聽also done a similar review on this product in my other post Cute Things I Bought Today聽if you like you can check that out!)


The next product I got is this beautiful blush聽palette聽with the softest brush! This blush聽palette is in the shade ‘126 Nectar Lace’ and it is full聽size!聽聽The first part is for contouring. The color is a soft brown color which I think will match my skin tone nicely. It also has a slight glow to it.The blush is this beautiful rose gold color with shimmer which gives it a very聽pretty glow! It also has a highlighter as well which also has a great glow!聽The highlighter is like a very like gold color. All of these colors go very nicely together in this palette! I love it! I will definitely try it out in a makeup look and share how it is!


Next I got聽two very nice eyeshadow shades… both full size! As well as a mascara which is a sample size but I’m sure it will last me a while! I love both eyeshadows because they are colors which I like to use for my everyday look. The first color is this very nice light聽cream color with shimmer to give it glow. It is in the shade ‘Filigree’. The other shade is called ‘Mannequin’ which is also a shimmer shade. It is a really pretty neutral brown color perfect for an everyday look. Both of the eyeshadows have great pigment! The mascara is called ‘Hypnose Drama’.聽When I opened it I noticed it has a very nice brush. I really love the ‘Hypnose Doll Lashes’ from Lanc么me聽(You can check out that review here The Mascara I鈥檝e been Loving聽) so I’m sure this one will be nice too! I will definitely try it out and review it! I’ll compare both mascaras to see which one I like more.


I will definitely be doing聽a makeup look with all of these products very soon! Thank you for reading!

-xoxo Bahar