Cute & Cozy Jacket

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Hey everyone! It has been a while since I have done an actual post on my blog but I am glad to be back… and excited! I love this time of the year because not only can you wear cute jackets/sweaters but it also means that there are lights everywhere which is so pretty! I thought it would be nice to take a picture in front of the lights in one of my favorite fluffy jackets. I just love fluffy jackets! Not only are they super cute but also super cozy! I especially love how soft and comfy they are. I got the one I am wearing from Nordstrom a few years ago and love it till this day. I love how it is a simple cream color which I feel like makes it chic and easy to wear. Also I love how it’s so so soft!  It is a bonus that this jacket is super lightweight yet it keeps me really warm! Underneath my jacket I wore a black turtle neck that is from Forever 21 (It is a great basic black shirt which I having been reaching for a lot, having basic items in your closet really helps when putting an outfit together). For pants I decided to go with simple dark blue jeans from Express. I also decided to go simple with my purse since there is already so much going on with the jacket. I just wore a small black purse that is from HM. Last but not least I wore my favorite black boots which are Calvin Klein and from Nordstrom Rack. (Review on the boots coming very soon!)

Thank you so much for reading!

-xoxo Bahar


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Favorite Guess purse & wallet

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It has been a while since I last posted… my last post was around March and now it’s July. Time went by so fast! During my finals week I had no time to post and after it ended I had no motivation to post anything. Now it’s summer so I have no excuses not to post haha. To be honest I really missed blogging during this time. Hopefully I will be posting more!

A while back I visited Guess and found this super cute tiny jean wallet. Even though I really loved it my friend told me I should get another style so I put it back. But after looking through the entire store, I found myself going back to the wallet because I just couldn’t get it out of my mind. I am so happy I went with what I liked and bought it because I would have 100% regretted not getting it! Always go with what YOU love!

After that, about a week ago I went to TJ Maxx to look for a small black purse but as I was looking through the purses I saw in the back that there was one that looked exactly like my wallet. I brought it out and it was a jean guess purse! Even though it wasn’t the black purse I was looking for I was still so happy because I had found a purse for my favorite wallet! I am so happy I bought the wallet that I really liked because I know I would have regretted not buying it after seeing this purse. I immediately knew I had to buy the matching purse! Who knew I would find a purse exactly like my wallet months later! 🙂

I am obsessed with both my jean wallet and purse! I have always loved bags that had a jean material but I never owned one. That’s why when I saw the wallet I just had to buy it. The wallet is small but has lots of room to store everything. Same with the purse, it is just the right size to fit everything without it being too big or too small. I also love how it is a cross body purse. All of my purses are cross body haha. I also love the pattern and the use of different jean colors. I think it makes it look so cool! But my favorite part of this bag is the material… I am OBSESSED with the jean. Love the feel of the material and the look. I think it is a great purse for summer or winter.  Love love love it haha.

Thanks for reading! I will be posting more since I am not doing much this summer haha. If you like to you can follow my blog and my Instagram for more posts! Hope you all are having a great summer. 🙂

-Xoxo Bahar

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