Argan Oil of Morocco

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My hair is naturally really dry and using oils really helps to keep my hair soft. To style my hair I usually straighten it because my hair is really curly and hard to manage. After straightening I like to use an oil to keep my hair from being too dry and frizzy. I really wanted an oil that didn’t make my hair look very oily but at the same time kept it straight and soft.

While looking through hair products I found the argan oil of morocco ogx spray. I already use the ogx argan oil of morocco shampoo and conditioner which I really like so I thought I would give it a try! After I finished straightening my hair I sprayed it throughout my hair and spread it out using my hands. It gave my hair a nice shine and instantly made it less frizzy. My hair became even more straight and soft. I also like how the spray isn’t really too oily. On the bottle it says that is a weightless healing dry oil. It really is weightless. It also has a clean smell which isn’t too strong. This is actually my second bottle in this spray! I really liked it so I had to buy it again! 

About a week ago I decided to try the non-spray oil in the same brand. I do like this one more because it is exactly the same as the spray but it seems to be slightly thicker (It is still lightweight even though it is thicker) and makes my hair smoother. I feel like since I do have thick hair it did a better job at getting all my hair unlike the spray. On the bottle it says that it is a penetrating oil for all hair types. It did a good job at smoothing out my dry thick hair and gave it a really nice shine. 

I think I would probably purchase the non-spray oil again because I just thought it worked better with my hair type! It made all of my dry hair really soft yet not too oily. I didn’t even need to use a lot of product. The spray also didn’t make my hair too oily but I felt like I had to do more sprays to get make all my hair soft which resulted in me finishing the bottle quickly. I think I will use the spray for quick touch ups!

They both are not pricey at all! Each one was about $5. They both have a clean smelling scent which I think smells really nice! Since it smells nice it’s perfect for putting it in your hair after you wash your hair or after styling! It’s affordable, smells good, and does the job… It is definitely my favorite hair oil at the moment! Which hair oil do you like to use?!

Thank you so much for reading!

-xoxo Bahar




Levi’s Jean Jacket

sunset When it isn’t too cold out but still chilly one of my favorite things I like to wear is a jean jacket. I feel like it is so easy to wear and makes an outfit look so cute. This jean jacket I have on is from Levi’s. I love how the color isn’t too dark or too light. My favorite part is the collar and the inside. It has this soft material on the inside that keeps me warm. It’s the main reason why I love this jacket! Not only do I love how it keeps me warm but also love how it looks! I think it’s super cute! This jacket is sooo comfortable as well. Before I bought this I was wearing a lighter colored jean jacket. It did not have the material this jacket has on the inside and I really wished that it did. I was so happy when I found this jacket at Levi’s. As soon as I saw this jacket I knew I would love it! Immediately after buying it I took off my older and not as warm jean jacket off and wore my cuter Levi’s jacket which kept me warmer! I think I’m going to be wearing this jacket everyday now haha 🙂

Thank you so much for reading!

-xoxo Bahar


Cute & Cozy Jacket

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Hey everyone! It has been a while since I have done an actual post on my blog but I am glad to be back… and excited! I love this time of the year because not only can you wear cute jackets/sweaters but it also means that there are lights everywhere which is so pretty! I thought it would be nice to take a picture in front of the lights in one of my favorite fluffy jackets. I just love fluffy jackets! Not only are they super cute but also super cozy! I especially love how soft and comfy they are. I got the one I am wearing from Nordstrom a few years ago and love it till this day. I love how it is a simple cream color which I feel like makes it chic and easy to wear. Also I love how it’s so so soft!  It is a bonus that this jacket is super lightweight yet it keeps me really warm! Underneath my jacket I wore a black turtle neck that is from Forever 21 (It is a great basic black shirt which I having been reaching for a lot, having basic items in your closet really helps when putting an outfit together). For pants I decided to go with simple dark blue jeans from Express. I also decided to go simple with my purse since there is already so much going on with the jacket. I just wore a small black purse that is from HM. Last but not least I wore my favorite black boots which are Calvin Klein and from Nordstrom Rack. (Review on the boots coming very soon!)

Thank you so much for reading!

-xoxo Bahar



Don’t be afraid…

I am supposed to be writing a paper right now but somehow while looking for sources for my research paper I managed to open up my blog randomly. I haven’t been on here or posted for months. Probably because I have been so busy with university or I don’t know maybe… to be completely honest maybe I just got bored of my blog.

I don’t normally do posts like this on my blog sharing my feelings but it does not really matter… I am having trouble writing my paper since I just have too many thoughts. I can’t seem to be able to focus. I know I don’t have much time left to finish it (247/1,500 words) but I just need somewhere to share how I feel. I never share my feelings with anybody, not that I don’t have anyone it is just I don’t really like to talk. I hate talking about how I feel…but at the same time bottling up my feelings is not going to help. It most definitely makes everything worse.

That is my problem I never speak. It might not seem like a big deal to some people but for me it is different. It is just hard. It is hard to talk. I am scared of it. Why? I have no idea maybe I feel like people will judge me. It is really hard to say what’s on your mind when you are too afraid to open your mouth in the first place and it just leaves you feeling horrible inside.  I feel like I have lost a lot of opportunities in my life just because I was too scared to open my mouth and I am sure I won’t be as successful and happy as I want to be if I don’t make a change. It is really hard to say what’s on your mind when you are too afraid to open your mouth in the first place.  I am just tired of this.

When I turned 20 I wrote a post listing 20 goals I have before turning 21 in January. Looking back at it I realized that I was able to achieve most of those goals. I have not completed each one completely but I am getting there. Seeing that I was able to at least achieve that much gives me hope to keep going. I feel like writing down a goal and having it somewhere where you always look really helps. This is why tonight I am going to make a new goal for myself which I am hopeful that I will 100% achieve. My goal is to not be afraid to talk. It is time I made a change and started to live my life without being afraid. Who cares what anyone thinks. I just have to be myself if I want to be happy. 🙂

If anyone actually read this far thank you for reading my thoughts. Now that my mind is clear I should go back to actually writing my paper for tomorrow!

-xoxo Bahar

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Favorite Guess purse & wallet

guees baf

It has been a while since I last posted… my last post was around March and now it’s July. Time went by so fast! During my finals week I had no time to post and after it ended I had no motivation to post anything. Now it’s summer so I have no excuses not to post haha. To be honest I really missed blogging during this time. Hopefully I will be posting more!

A while back I visited Guess and found this super cute tiny jean wallet. Even though I really loved it my friend told me I should get another style so I put it back. But after looking through the entire store, I found myself going back to the wallet because I just couldn’t get it out of my mind. I am so happy I went with what I liked and bought it because I would have 100% regretted not getting it! Always go with what YOU love!

After that, about a week ago I went to TJ Maxx to look for a small black purse but as I was looking through the purses I saw in the back that there was one that looked exactly like my wallet. I brought it out and it was a jean guess purse! Even though it wasn’t the black purse I was looking for I was still so happy because I had found a purse for my favorite wallet! I am so happy I bought the wallet that I really liked because I know I would have regretted not buying it after seeing this purse. I immediately knew I had to buy the matching purse! Who knew I would find a purse exactly like my wallet months later! 🙂

I am obsessed with both my jean wallet and purse! I have always loved bags that had a jean material but I never owned one. That’s why when I saw the wallet I just had to buy it. The wallet is small but has lots of room to store everything. Same with the purse, it is just the right size to fit everything without it being too big or too small. I also love how it is a cross body purse. All of my purses are cross body haha. I also love the pattern and the use of different jean colors. I think it makes it look so cool! But my favorite part of this bag is the material… I am OBSESSED with the jean. Love the feel of the material and the look. I think it is a great purse for summer or winter.  Love love love it haha.

Thanks for reading! I will be posting more since I am not doing much this summer haha. If you like to you can follow my blog and my Instagram for more posts! Hope you all are having a great summer. 🙂

-Xoxo Bahar

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Favorite BCBG Coat


I cannot believe it is already March! How has time gone by so fast?! I am a little sad that Winter is ending but I am excited for Spring and warmer weather! I love all the blossoms during the Spring, it is so beautiful! Even though the weather is getting better the cold doesn’t want to leave just yet! All of Autumn and Winter I tried looking for a good coat but I just could not find one I liked until near the end of January I came across this super cute BCBG coat! When I found this coat it was at the exact time when the store was closing haha. They had turned off most of the lights in the store so I had no time to try it on! I had to try it on as I was walking towards the cashier to pay but in that little amount of time I fell in love with it and knew it would be a mistake if I didn’t buy it! Once I got home I tried it on more and I loved it even more! I really love how it not only keeps you warm but it is also light weight! I hate it when a coat is really heavy. I also love how it’s a simple black color so that I can wear it with anything. I feel like the zippers and the belt (which is my favorite part) give the coat some style! The material is wind and rain proof so I can wear it in any weather. It also has a hood! I’m so glad I found this coat because it has been the only coat I have been wearing ever since I have bought it!

This was my first outfit post on my blog, I hope you liked it! I’m excited to post more very soon! Thank you for reading! I hope you all have a wonderful day!

-xoxo Bahar