A year to learn from

Who else can’t believe that 2018 is here?! I wish this year is full of health and happiness for everyone 馃檪

I am currently sitting on the couch about to watch Harry Potter haha and thought to myself I would make a quick (even though it’s a little late) New Years post not only to wish everyone a very happy new year!!

For me I think 2017 taught me lots of lessons. Everything that happened to me in 2017 really has taught me something which has helped me grow as a person.

Instead of regretting any mistakes from 2017 I should look at it at a positive perspective and learn something from my mistakes. When I think about it I feel like 2017 was a just a year full of lessons. Lessons that will help me achieve my goals and reach higher places in this new year. With everything I thought I failed at I actually learned a lesson from it and throughout everything I learned so much more about myself as well. I had SO many lessons on self love throughout the year (something I’ve been working on for so long now). This makes me happy that I am changing/growing as a person.

I have come so far and learned so much and I am thankful for everything. Hopefully this year will be an amazing year! I am excited for 2018 馃檪 I am excited to make it a better year!

I really do wish that everyone has a happy year. I also wish that 2018 is a peaceful year for the world鉂わ笍鉂わ笍

Thank you so much for reading 馃槉

Happy New Year everyone! -xoxo Bahar

P.s. What did you all do for New Years? I went and watched fireworks with my family 馃檪


Happy Makeup Mistake!

After swatching every Toofaced melted matte liquid lipstick at Sephora I found a shade which I really liked and decided to buy it! Once I got home I opened it and realized that it didn’t look like the same shade I had swatched at Sephora. I did get a little annoyed that I had picked up the wrong one since it wasn’t a color I liked to wear all the time but I decided to try it on anyways. The second I applied it I noticed I loved the formula! It wasn’t watery at all and it wasn’t too drying so it was very easy to apply! I just loved how it felt and looked on my lips! I really want to try the other shades since I loved the formula so much! I got the shade “Sell Out” and …. I was actually surprised how much I ended up loving it! I normally go for a nude lip color for an everyday look but I have been wearing and loving this everyday now! It’s a really pretty peachy color! I really like how it isn’t a strong red. Love how it isn’t too dark but has just enough color! I think it’s just perfect! I also love how it stays on all day but does not dry out your lips! It stays pretty all day longgg! I’m sooo happy I picked up the wrong shade! 馃檪 Sometimes mistakes can turn out to be a good thing haha

Thank you so much for reading! Also in the bottom picture I’m wearing this lip shade & my favorite hat! 馃檪 -xoxo Bahar


Whatt鈥檚 Up! | Benefit Highlighter

Not too long ago I got to try the Whatt’s Up! highlighter from Benefit. I was looking for a new highlighter so I decided to try this one out since it looked so pretty! I really love the packaging of this highlighter. I think it’s so different and pretty. I like how it is so easy to use and perfect to have in your purse all the time! I love how you can just easily glide it on your cheeks and get a super pretty highlight. It glides on as a cream highlighter and then you can use the bottom side to blend it out! I love the highlight color. It’s like a subtle rose gold color. When you wear it you can instantly see the super pretty natural glow! I really love everything about this highlighter but my favorite thing has to be the packaging. I think it looks really cool and pretty and it’s so easy to carry around with you everywhere you go!

Thank you so much for reading! Which highlighter do you love using?!

– xoxo Bahar


New Favorite Hat!


Hey everyone! I hope everyone had a very happy Christmas day! 馃檪 I can’t believe 2018 is almost here! The year went by so fast! I wanted to write a quick post to show this cute hat I bought a few days ago from Forever 21. I have really been loving this type of hat lately. I think the style is so cute! I also love the pattern on this one! I will definitely be posting a full outfit picture soon with this hat. I just really wanted to make a quick post on it today because I have been wearing this hat everyday since I bought it haha

Thanks for reading! -xoxo Bahar

P.s. I am thinking about making an Instagram page for my blog! (But I am not sure about it)




La Vie Est Belle | Lanc么me Perfume Set


In the beginning of December I received a sample of the perfume La Vie Est Belle from Lanc么me and I knew I needed it in my life as soon as I smelled it. When I went to the mall to buy this perfume I was told it also came with a gift set! The small size was the one which was included in the gift box. It was the same size which I wanted to buy and it was a similar price as the gift box so I decided to go with the gift set. The packaging is a super cute little pink box with a pretty design on it. It also has a little bow which makes it a perfect gift.聽 Inside you get a beautiful perfume bottle, the shower gel, and the body lotion! I think the perfume bottle is so pretty and chic. It has a lovely feminine floral scent. The scent is strong but not too strong . It is just such a beautiful scent to wear. I especially love it for this time of the year. So happy I purchased the gift set because I love how it all comes together in a perfect little set. I think it is worth getting a sample and trying it out if your looking to buy a new perfume. Sooo lovely!聽

Merry Christmas everyone! 馃檪 Thank you so much for reading! -xoxo Baharthumbnail_234B4267-8F23-441F-94EF-229162C5277D




Eyeshadow Palette I’m Obsessed With!


Over the summer I decided to try out the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance eyeshadow palette… best decision ever 馃檪 I just love this palette so much it has the prettiest colors! All of these colors go soo nicely together in the palette. My favorite shade has to be Red Ochre since it is such a pretty burgundy color! I also love to wear just Buon Fresco all over and darken the outer corner with Cyprus Umber for an easy and super quick everyday look. All the shades are very pigmented and can be blended very easily which makes it super easy to create any look. I love how you can go for an everyday look or a bold look with this palette. The packaging is lovely as well. The Modern Renaissance palette is a great choice if you are thinking about trying a new eyeshadow palette or looking for one to gift to a friend. You just can’t go wrong with this one!

Thank you so much for reading!

-xoxo Bahar


Mascaras You Must Try!


Hey everyone! I am so happy I’m finally done with my finals because that means I have time to post more… excited! For this post I am going to review two different mascaras that I have been really loving and using all the time! Before I get into reviewing the mascaras I just wanted to point out the makeup bag from Lanc么me! It says Lash out Loud on it and the inside is hot pink! I just think it’s sooo cute 馃檪


The first mascara I’m gonna review is the Monsieur Big from Lanc么me. I’m going to start off by saying that this isn’t the best picture of this mascara. I have been using this mascara everyday since summer and it is dried up now so I couldn’t take a nice picture of the brush. I love how big the brush is and that it gives sooo much volume and length to my lashes without using many coats! I liked to use this everyday because it quickly coated my lashes and did not clump easily. One thing which I also really loved was how easily I was able to remove it. I was easily able remove this mascara with just baby shampoo. I used this mascara every single day since I loved it so much! I think I have to repurchase it soon haha


The next mascara is the Too Faced better than sex mascara. I actually decided to try this one out after my Lanc么me Monsieur Big dried out. I also started to really loved this mascara ever since I started using it. Like the other one I also love the brush on this. I really like mascaras which have big brushes. I feel like they work the best for me and do a good job at quickly coating my lashes. This mascara really gives volume to my lashes as well as giving length them. Love how my lashes seem a lot fuller with this mascara! I usually like to removed my mascara with baby shampoo but with mascara I noticed it was a bit harder to do that. So for this I use makeup remover and then I wash my eyes with the baby shampoo. I do love it and happy I decided to try it out!

I think they are both really nice mascaras that give lots of volume and length! They are both in the $20 price range but the Lanc么me one did cost a little more. Definitely聽 try these mascaras out if you are looking for a new mascara! Absolutely love both!聽Thank you so much for reading!

-xoxo Bahar