Touch of Spice Maybelline Lipstick


One of my favorite brands that you can find at the drugstore is Maybelline. I just love the lipsticks from Maybelline! About a week ago I was looking through their lipsticks and I found this lipstick in the shade ‘Touch of Spice 660’. It looked very pretty so I decided to buy it (about $9 ) and give it a try. When I tried it I instantly fell in love with it! The color is a really nice brick color red which is so pretty! I feel like the shade isn’t too dark or too light. I also really love the texture because it is a nice creamy matte! In my opinion the Maybelline lipsticks also smell nice. I know I will be wearing this color all the time now! Thanks for reading! Also what lip colors have you been wearing all the time?!

-xoxo Bahar

Michael Kors Sneakers

Recently I saw these Michael Kors sneakers and I decided to try them on. I ended up really liking them! Normally these sneakers are $135 dollars but that day they were on sale for $59… that was when I knew I had to buy them! I really like the gray color but I also love the metallic on the sides!  I think the white on the bottom and the metallic silver really bring out the shoe. It also has Michael Kors written all over the sneaker which is nice. The sneaker’s texture is more of a thicker fabric which I think is suitable during the winter cold weather. I can’t wait to start wearing them! Thanks for reading!

*Update* I got to wear them for the first time today and they are super comfortable! I just want to wear them all the time! I love them so much!

-xoxo Bahar



My Simple Everyday Look

I love wearing makeup everyday but wearing full makeup everyday is just time consuming and not the best for your skin. I thought I would share what I have been using at the moment for my simple everyday look!

The first thing that I do is moisturize my face. I like to use the Bienfait Multi-vital moisturizer from Lancôme. It really does moisturize my face and has sunscreen SPF 30 which is great! Since I’m not using foundation moisturizing will keep my face from looking dull. I also do really love how it smells. It is a bit pricey about $60 but I think it’s worth it.


At the moment I like to use the NYX concealer. I haven’t been using this one for long enough to say that I love it but I do think it is very nice! I use the shade 04 Beige. It has good coverage but I found that it is a little dry. Since my skin gets quite dry during the winter I have to moisturize before applying it otherwise it will look very dry. I just apply it wherever I need to then blend with a damp beauty blender and then set it with some powder! Overall though I feel like it is a great concealer if your looking for one that isn’t expensive since it’s about $5.


For bronzer I have been using the Natural Bronzer from Rimmel. I love the color and also love how it is matte! I like using the shade ‘021 Sun Light’. It is just a great natural bronzer and simple. If your looking for a bronzer that isn’t expensive at all then this one is the one for you because it is only $6!


The blush that I am really loving right now is the NYX baked blush! The shade I love right now is ’11 Chiffon’. It is a very soft pink  (kind of like a dirty pink color) and it has a little bit of shimmer that is not glittery at all but just the right amount to give it a very nice glow. It is a very nice color at great price! This one was about $6.


Now I have thick dark eyebrows but I still do like to fill them in a little around the edges. For me if I fill in even a little too much it will look very dark. I found this L’Oréal brow stylist kit which I think is perfect for just filling in a few tiny spots. I also love the brown color because it matches my black eyebrows yet it isn’t black to make them too dark. It’s small so it’s great to keep in your bag and it also comes with a very nice mirror which is definitely a plus. It also comes with a tiny brush and tweezer… so cute!


For an everyday look I don’t always have time to do full eyeshadow so I just like to use this simple baked shadow which I found at H&M a while back. I really like this shade of brown for my eyes because I feel like this color matches my dark eyebrows and brown eyes. Also since I don’t really like to use eyeliner I think the brown helps to open up my eyes more. I like to put a little on my lower lash line as well.


I like to wear mascara a lot more than eyeliner. I feel like mascara is more softer and natural. The mascara I have been using at the moment is Lancôme’s Hypnose Doll Lashes. Check out the link to my other post to see what I think about this great mascara!

The Mascara I’ve been Loving


Even though this is a simple everyday look I still like to add just a tiny bit of glow. I like to use my highlighter which I got from Victoria’s Secret. I feel like it adds just a tiny bit of glow that is great for a simple makeup look! It has been a while since I have had this highlighter so ignore the crack haha.


Last but not least for my lips I love a nude color for a simple look. One of my favorite lip combinations is the NYX lip liner in the shade ‘Natural’ and the NYX soft matte lip cream in the shade ‘London’. I love it because I think it is so simple but still looks so pretty. Even though the lip cream is matte it is light weight but I still like to wear some lip balm before wearing the lip cream so it doesn’t get too dry. Both the lip cream and the lip liner is a very light brownish soft nude color. I love this color so much! This is my second time buying this shade of lip cream and will definitely buy another lip liner in this shade once it finishes.


Thank you for reading! I love playing around with makeup so I will have more makeup looks coming soon!

-xoxo Bahar


The Mascara I’ve been Loving

After my eye began to get irritated I knew it was time to throw away most of my makeup. One of the things which I had to definitely throw away was my mascara. I spent a while thinking about which mascara to buy after because I knew I had to buy a good one this time. I remembered using a mascara from Lancôme which I used to think was very nice so I decided to give it another try. The one which I bought is called the ‘Hypnose Doll Lashes’ which was $27 from Lancôme. When I applied the mascara I saw that it gave my lashes a nice and natural look which I thought was great for my everyday makeup! It also curled my lashes very nicely and I didn’t even need to use an eyelash curler! However, I did notice that it can make my lashes slightly clumpy so I just make sure I don’t apply too much. Since the brush is big I saw that it gets every eyelash without having to apply many coats! Also when it was time to clean my mascara it easily and quickly came off with just soap and water. At the moment I am just really loving this mascara and how it gives me the perfect natural lashes! Let me know which mascara you are absolutely loving right now! I hope you liked this review or helped you if you were looking to test a different mascara!

Hope the new year is starting off well for everyone! Thanks for reading!

-xoxo Bahar


How I Decorated my Candles for the New Year


Happy New Year everyone!! I wish everyone a wonderful year full of health and happiness! For the new year I decided I would take some plain candles and decorate them with glitter. All you need for this easy DIY is some plain candles, glitter, mod podge glue, and something to apply your glue with. candle-needYou can do any pattern you like on your candles. I decided to go with a plain glitter one and a polka dot pattern one. I went with these designs since I did not have any stencils but if you do have stencils it will be easier and you could do many different designs. For the smaller one I covered the candle with mod podge glue and poured some glitter onto an aluminum foil. Then I just simply rolled the candle into the glitter and that was it! Once your done let it dry and when it’s dry you will still have glitter falling off but all you have to do is shake off the excess and then go over all the glitter with some more mod podge glue. The glue will dry clear and will seal the glitter so that it doesn’t fall off. For the polka dot design I just applied the glue on candle in little circles. Make sure you don’t apply too much glue because if you do it can drip and ruin the form of your dots which happened to me haha. Also you should do each side separate so it doesn’t get too messy. Then shake off the excess glitter and once it’s dry just like the other candle I sealed the glitter by just going over the dots with mod podge glue. I hope you liked this quick and easy DIY! Thanks for reading and once again I wish everyone a happy new year!

I am thankful I decided to blog this year because it makes me happy to share my thoughts with everyone. I am sooo excited for 2017 because I know I will be posting so much… how is that not exciting!?

-xoxo Bahar

Great Lipsticks for a Simple Look


I love to keep my everyday look simple and natural. Even though it’s a simple look I still always have to put on a nice lipstick because I feel like my look is not complete without it. I am seriously obsessed with lipsticks! Just spending hours looking at all the lipsticks in the store without buying anything puts me in a good mood haha. I just love lipsticks! I have been looking for a nice nude lipstick that would be comfortable wearing the entire day without making my lips dry. I have found two lipsticks which I have been loving at the moment. I found both of them at the drugstore so the prices are affordable which makes them even better. The first one with the black tube is from L’Oréal. When I bought it I had to give it a few tries until I really began liking it. It is not matte which I don’t know if that’s my favorite because I do really love my matte lipsticks. What I do love about it is that it doesn’t make your lips dry. The lipstick is in the shade ‘610 Eva’s nude’ which is a really light brown color. I think it is a great soft color for an easy simple look. The other lipstick in the brown tube is from Maybelline. I have seriously been carrying this lipstick everywhere with me for the last week. This one is also not matte but more soft and creamy which is just perfect for an everyday look. This is in the shade ‘235 warm me up’ which is a soft light pink that I think is a great natural color for my lips. Also I love how it smells which is definitely a plus. This one I think is definitely my favorite from the two! I hope you enjoyed reading this review. Let me know which nude lipsticks are your favorite! I love trying lipsticks so I will for sure have different favorite lipsticks soon which I will definitely share! Thanks for reading!

-xoxo Bahar


Bath & Body Works Lotions I Love


It’s winter again which means wearing cozy fuzzy socks and drinking lots of hot chocolate but it also means dealing with dryness. I can not stand having dry hands. At the moment I love using the lotions A Thousand Wishes and Amber Bush from Bath & Body Works. Not only are they great at keeping your hands soft but they also smell amazing! I just feel like they both have a warm and soft smell which I love using when it is cold out. It is great if you are looking for a scented lotion that’s simple and not too strong for this time of the year. I also think both bottles are super cute! The top of one is rose gold and the other is gold which I think makes the bottles look extra nice. I hope you liked this little review on the two lotions that I love using at the moment! What lotions do you like to use during the Winter?!

-xoxo Bahar