Levi’s Jean Jacket

sunset When it isn’t too cold out but still chilly one of my favorite things I like to wear is a jean jacket. I feel like it is so easy to wear and makes an outfit look so cute. This jean jacket I have on is from Levi’s. I love how the color isn’t too dark or too light. My favorite part is the collar and the inside. It has this soft material on the inside that keeps me warm. It’s the main reason why I love this jacket! Not only do I love how it keeps me warm but also love how it looks! I think it’s super cute! This jacket is sooo comfortable as well. Before I bought this I was wearing a lighter colored jean jacket. It did not have the material this jacket has on the inside and I really wished that it did. I was so happy when I found this jacket at Levi’s. As soon as I saw this jacket I knew I would love it! Immediately after buying it I took off my older and not as warm jean jacket off and wore my cuter Levi’s jacket which kept me warmer! I think I’m going to be wearing this jacket everyday now haha 🙂

Thank you so much for reading!

-xoxo Bahar


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