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How I Decorated my Candles for the New Year


Happy New Year everyone!! I wish everyone a wonderful year full of health and happiness! For the new year I decided I would take some plain candles and decorate them with glitter. All you need for this easy DIY is some plain candles, glitter, mod podge glue, and something to apply your glue with. candle-needYou can do any pattern you like on your candles. I decided to go with a plain glitter one and a polka dot pattern one. I went with these designs since I did not have any stencils but if you do have stencils it will be easier and you could do many different designs. For the smaller one I covered the candle with mod podge glue and poured some glitter onto an aluminum foil. Then I just simply rolled the candle into the glitter and that was it! Once your done let it dry and when it’s dry you will still have glitter falling off but all you have to do is shake off the excess and then go over all the glitter with some more mod podge glue. The glue will dry clear and will seal the glitter so that it doesn’t fall off. For the polka dot design I just applied the glue on candle in little circles. Make sure you don’t apply too much glue because if you do it can drip and ruin the form of your dots which happened to me haha. Also you should do each side separate so it doesn’t get too messy. Then shake off the excess glitter and once it’s dry just like the other candle I sealed the glitter by just going over the dots with mod podge glue. I hope you liked this quick and easy DIY! Thanks for reading and once again I wish everyone a happy new year!

I am thankful I decided to blog this year because it makes me happy to share my thoughts with everyone. I am sooo excited for 2017 because I know I will be posting so much… how is that not exciting!?

-xoxo Bahar


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