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Great Lipsticks for a Simple Look


I love to keep my everyday look simple and natural. Even though it’s a simple look I still always have to put on a nice lipstick because I feel like my look is not complete without it. I am seriously obsessed with lipsticks! Just spending hours looking at all the lipsticks in the store without buying anything puts me in a good mood haha. I just love lipsticks! I have been looking for a nice nude lipstick that would be comfortable wearing the entire day without making my lips dry. I have found two lipsticks which I have been loving at the moment. I found both of them at the drugstore so the prices are affordable which makes them even better. The first one with the black tube is from L’Oréal. When I bought it I had to give it a few tries until I really began liking it. It is not matte which I don’t know if that’s my favorite because I do really love my matte lipsticks. What I do love about it is that it doesn’t make your lips dry. The lipstick is in the shade ‘610 Eva’s nude’ which is a really light brown color. I think it is a great soft color for an easy simple look. The other lipstick in the brown tube is from Maybelline. I have seriously been carrying this lipstick everywhere with me for the last week. This one is also not matte but more soft and creamy which is just perfect for an everyday look. This is in the shade ‘235 warm me up’ which is a soft light pink that I think is a great natural color for my lips. Also I love how it smells which is definitely a plus. This one I think is definitely my favorite from the two! I hope you enjoyed reading this review. Let me know which nude lipsticks are your favorite! I love trying lipsticks so I will for sure have different favorite lipsticks soon which I will definitely share! Thanks for reading!

-xoxo Bahar



4 thoughts on “Great Lipsticks for a Simple Look”

  1. I love both of these lipsticks, even though I have quite a few mac ones, I often use my Maybelline one every day at work. I have it tin shade 930 ‘nude embrace’ and I get so many compliments! x

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