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My Top 3 Winter Accessories


I love winter a lot, not because that’s when my birthday is, but because everything is just so cozy! For me it’s the best feeling to drink hot chocolate in the cold with your scarf wrapped around you while walking between the twinkling trees or just laying in bed watching a movie with your fuzzy socks on. I am obsessed with fuzzy socks you probably would see me wearing them in the summer haha. During the winter I make sure that I am always warm and cozy with these winter accessories that I love! The first accessory I have is my super cute headband! I bought this headband from Francesca’s, which is my favorite store ever. I feel like it is a very simple headband but not too simple all at once and with a pony tail or a bun I think this headband would be the perfect winter accessory. To keep me warm during the cold winds is my very cozy scarf. I got this one from Hollister. It’s super long and wide so it’s the best to wrap around you. The most important part of this scarf is that it is the softest which makes it extra cozy! Speaking of cozy, the last accessory I absolutely love is my cute bobble hat which I got from forever 21.  Bobble hats are just the perfect accessory for the winter. Just perfect! Trust me on this one, if you don’t have a bobble hat go buy one and you will love it as much as me! I’m planning on wearing mine soon and going ice skating! Oh that’s my other favorite part of winter… ice skating! What’s your favorite part of winter… or do you just want it to be summer already?!

Hope you enjoyed reading and make sure you stay warm!

-xoxo Bahar


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