Favorite Victoria’s Secret Scents


Victoria’s Secret scents are the best but there is a few which I am just obsessed with at the moment! The ones I am loving are the Blush mist, Bombshell mist, and the Paris rollerball. Mists are perfect for when you just want a light and simple scent. I think the Blush mist has an amazing soft flowery smell. Love it! Also it is a huge bottle so it will definitely last a while (for me it’ll last at least a year because I hate finishing my mists and perfumes haha). The next one I have is the smaller mist bottle, Bombshell, which is a great size to have in your bag. I loved my Bombshell perfume which had a stronger scent than the mist but sadly it finished. I love the mist a lot too… I just love anything Bombshell! The last one is the rollerball in the scent Paris. Oh my gosh I am so obsessed with this one! I think it’s my favorite out of the three. You have to try it to see why I love it so much! I also love how it’s a rollerball because it is the perfect size to have with you all the time but I do still wish it was bigger so I wouldn’t have to worry about it finishing haha. That is all of my favorite scents right now but I will definitely have more later since I keep buying so many haha. Thanks for reading, I hope you liked it!  Oh and what is your favorite scent that you are obsessed with at the moment?!
 -xoxo Bahar

3 thoughts on “Favorite Victoria’s Secret Scents”

  1. I love Victoria secret scents! I’ve tried bombshell and Paris, and I’m obsessed! Especially Paris has the perfect scent for this time of the year! But I am definitely going to try the blush mist!

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  2. We love Victoria Secret scents , they are so nice, some of your favourites are our favourites too. It would be lovely if you could go and check out our blog as we only started a few days ago , it would also be lovely if you go email us your feedback on our website as we are trying to make it the best it can be
    thank you x


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